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BUSTED – They Did It For YEARS!

Two men from Northeast Ohio spent several years living it up with high-end cars, country club memberships, stacks of precious metals and cash, gambling...

GOP Candidates Gear Up for Power Struggle as Elections Near

The Republican Party has been upended in recent years, thanks to a small but vocal and powerful group of anti-establishment politicians. Just this year, the...

OpenAI Insider Says 70% Chance AI Could Harm or Destroy Humanity

Daniel Kokotajlo, a former researcher on OpenAI's governance, has accused the organization of being so enamored with the potential benefits of artificial general intelligence...

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WWE Lays Off Employees, Including Top Executive

For the WWE, the cuts just keep coming. And these cuts are real. Among the confirmed layoffs is Kristen Prouty, senior vice president of entertainment...

Deadly Lightning Strike Kills Rancher in Colorado and 34 Head of Cattle

On Sunday, May 26th, authorities in Colorado reported that a lightning strike had killed 34 cows and a rancher. 51-year-old Mike Morgan was killed in...

FAKE Election Video – Manipulating VOTERS

Normally, a congressional election in India doesn’t attract international attention, especially when the result of the contest isn’t expected to change the balance of...

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