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Koch Brothers Hope to Woo Hispanic Voters With New Anti-Biden Campaign

A Hispanic-focused initiative that was launched by the Koch brothers on Tuesday unveiled a seven-figure campaign “Say No Bidenomics” that will target lawmakers who...

Arizona Rancher Suspected of Migrant Murder Won’t Be Retried After Mistrial

A rancher in Arizona will not face another trial for his role in the fatal shooting of a Mexican man who was on his...

School Game Involving Water Guns Leads to Rise in 911 Calls

A surge in 911 calls has prompted officials in Montgomery County to express concern that a new teen-popular game may pose risks to children. According...

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Owen Wilson Refused $12M Role to Star in OJ Simpson Movie

The Juice, directed by Joshua Newton of Britain, was supposed to have Owen Wilson as its lead. By October 3—the same day as Simpson's...

Jewish Pro-Palestine Protestors Prepare Seder at College Encampments

The singsong of the Four Questions resounded on the first night of Passover from Jewish homes and gatherings worldwide, even in unexpected and disputed...

Democrats Fly Ukraine Flags Inside House Chamber, Violating Protocol

In a rare weekend session, Democrats and Republicans worked together to approve $95 billion in foreign assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and other U.S. allies....

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