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NY Judge Asked to Sentence Ashley Biden’s Diary Stealer to 10 Months Prison

In September 2020, while staying at a property in Delray Beach, Florida, where President Biden's daughter had previously lived, Harris discovered the first daughter's...

Trans Swimmer Challenged To UFC Fight

Lia Thomas, a well-known swimmer and transgender athlete, was given a challenge by Mixed Martial Arts fighter Julian Erosa. He taunted Thomas and invited...

Israeli Tech Investor Couple Killed in Private Plane Crash

Near Truckee Tahoe Airport in California, a single-engine aircraft crashed, killing Israeli soccer star turned venture entrepreneur Liron Petrushka and his wife, Naomi Petrushka. David,...

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Muslims On NOTICE – Govt. Gives FULL Support!

Gabriel Attal, the French Prime Minister, defended the French tradition of secularism in the wake of a Parisian school principal’s decision to resign following...

REVERSE Pandemic: Scientists Issue BIZARRE Warning!

Malaria, yellow fever, coronavirus, ebola, monkeypox, and influenza in all its forms came to humans because of close contact with animals. These diseases have...

Trans Medical Association Backpedals After Backlash

The most recent transgender medical recommendations, the Standards of Care Version 8 (SOC 8), have been removed from the World Professional Association for Transgender...

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