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Tesla Announces Delay of Robotaxi Launch by Two Months

Tesla has decided to postpone the unveiling of its "robotaxi" design until October rather than next month. The company reportedly requires additional time to construct...

Democrats Slam House GOP’s Attempt to Hold AG in Contempt

Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts has lashed out at the GOP for attempting to fine and hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt...

US Female Tourist Loses Right Arm in Deadly Shark Attack

When Tiffany Johnson was attacked by a shark in 2017, she lost part of her right arm. As a talented singer, writer, and public speaker,...

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Baby With Irregular Pupils Found to Have Rare Genetic Condition

Tom Smith, at the tender age of six months, had noticeably abnormal pupils. His mom, Lynda Smith, was sure something was wrong. When he was...

Political Historian Weighs In on Whether Biden Should Be Replaced as Nominee

The first presidential debate was held on June 27th. This debate was perhaps the earliest time in which a major presidential discourse was held...

Tennessee Juvenile System Accused of Mistreating Disabled Minors

A new class action lawsuit claims that the Department of Children's Services (DCS) is unlawfully and unconstitutionally keeping disabled children in institutions resembling prisons,...

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