Teen in North Carolina School Suspended For Saying ‘Illegal Alien’

A North Carolina student was suspended from school for using the phrase “illegal alien.” Central Davidson High School in Lexington sent 16-year-old Christian McGhee home for three days after he asked his English teacher a clarifying question about an assignment. The teenager’s mother told a local podcaster that her son raised his hand to question the meaning of the word “alien” and asked, “Like space or illegal aliens who need green cards?”

A Hispanic student was reportedly angered by the question and threatened Christian. The teacher subsequently took the two boys to the hallway to discuss it, and the unnamed Hispanic kid then said he was joking. Nevertheless, the school’s assistant principal decided to suspend Christian for making a “racially insensitive comment.” His parents fought back, saying “illegal alien” is a perfectly legitimate and legal term, but the school was unmoved.

The teenager later told the Carolina Journal that he did not intend any insult and that his question did not relate to Hispanics. He also noted that the term “illegal alien” is frequently used in the media and is found in dictionaries. His mother explained that the family once lived in England, so Christian is aware of green cards and immigration requirements in the US.

Leah McGhee is worried that the matter could have severe consequences for her son’s future, as his record is now marked with the word “racist.” She is concerned it will affect his chances of winning an athletic college scholarship.

Several Twitter users condemned the school’s actions, and the popular Libs of TikTok asked readers to spread awareness to help Christian. The post received more than 4 million views. Twitter owner Elon Musk complied with its request, saying, “This is absurd.”

Republican State Senator Steve Jarvis of Davidson County contacted the school, urging officials to seek the best outcome for all concerned. However, he refrained from taking a firm position, stating, “I don’t know the situation of this particular incident.”