Trump Praises Ron DeSantis After Secret Florida Meeting

It seems as though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump are finally burying the hatchet after a heated series of Republican primaries for the battle of the GOP nomination. For the first time in what seemed like a long time, Governor Ron DeSantis received high praise from the former president, after what Trump had called a “great meeting” the other day on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Trump and Desantis met at a private meeting this Sunday at real estate investor Steve Witkoff’s Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Florida. The meeting lasted for a good three hours and was the first time the two rivals had spoken to one another since DeSantis dropped out of the Republican Primaries race in January of this year. The meeting itself caused widespread speculation that Trump, who is now the frontrunner Republican nominee, was discussing plans to have DeSantis run alongside him as his vice president. However, a source from the Associated Press quickly shut down these rumors stating that the meeting was instead more of a truce and peace agreement between the two after what had seemed to be an intense primary. Sources also reported that the two discussed fundraising efforts to defeat President Biden in the election. The Washington Post reported that the meeting ended with Trump and DeSantis shaking hands.

That Monday, Trump happily informed the public about his meeting with DeSantis via his social platform Truth Social, praising the Florida Governor’s enthusiasm to endorse Trump, regardless of the issues they had over the GOP nomination spot, in which Trump felt betrayed for previously endorsing the Governor. Trump continued in the post stating that the meeting was arranged by Steve Witkoff, who is a mutual friend of both DeSantis and Trump. Trump elaborated that the two spoke of how they would work together in the future, not only for the benefit of America, but Florida as well.