Influencer ROASTED – She Said WHAT?!

Shame on her.

Humiliating people in public is a reliable way for social media influencers to get views, but one such public personality may have gone too far this time.

Tatiana Girardi, a social media fitness coach and motivational personality, was on an Avianca flight when she took a snapshot in the passenger cabin. She then posted that snapshot to her Instagram account earlier this month. The picture showed a flight attendant who was having difficulty wrangling some luggage.

The comments she posted with the image compared the flight attendant to a “limp noodle.” She said she asked the male flight attendant for help lifting her suitcase, and he said that between the two of them they just might manage it. She then said that she felt sorry for him, because he is a “weakling.” She wound up slinging her luggage herself.

Some of her followers took offense, slamming her for insinuating that flight attendants were baggage porters. One Colombian follower named Sebastián griped at her for not respecting the cabin crew and for treating the flight attendant as her personal bellhop. He went on to reveal that he, also, is a flight attendant, and the major responsibilities of the job is to see to the safety of passengers during the flight, and to conduct a 90-second evacuation of the aircraft should a crash or fire or other emergency grounding occur. In the event of a disaster, the flight attendants are there to ensure that the passengers get out safe and sound.

That includes, Sebastián pointedly said, seeing to the safety of people who think that the flight attendants are glorified servants.

Titania positions herself as an Ironman athlete, and her public image is heavily weighted to emphasize her physical strength. This prompted Lina, another commenter, to point out that disabled passengers, elderly adults, and pregnant women routinely lift their own luggage, making it ironic that an Ironman athlete would ask assistance from a flight attendant to do the same chore.