Owen Wilson Refused $12M Role to Star in OJ Simpson Movie

The Juice, directed by Joshua Newton of Britain, was supposed to have Owen Wilson as its lead. By October 3—the same day as Simpson’s acquittal 29 years ago—the film, billed as a satirical thriller, is expected to be finished. But it won’t have Wilson’s name in the credits. Upon finding out that the movie puts Simpson in a favorable light, focusing on his innocence, the actor bailed out of the project.

While a civil trial in 1997 found Simpson guilty, his criminal murder trial from 1994–1995 for the murders of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman found him exonerated, Wilson didn’t like how the script treated him as an “innocent man.”

He turned down a 12 million dollar payday.

Despite several film and television adaptations of the trials, the acquittal remains the topic of heated controversy.

Surrounded by his children and grandkids, Simpson fought cancer for a long time until he passed away on April 10, according to his family. Fred Goldman, the murdered waiter’s father, has fought for justice for his son Ronald in the years after his murder and claimed that the killing of Simpson served as a fresh reminder of his son’s untimely death. The families of the victims received $33.5 million from Simpson when he was judged civilly responsible for the killings. In 2008, he was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison for armed robbery in Nevada, continuing his string of legal woes.

Newton has cast another actor who is “spot on” for the role, and the first thirty minutes of the film are shot. Numerous media outlets, including cinema, TV series, music, and video games, have alluded to the notorious case. Earlier this year, after Simpson’s death from cancer at 76 years of age, the turmoil surrounding him was once again thrust into the news.

Simpson was sued in 1997 by the Goldman and Brown families for wrongful death. A Santa Monica, California, jury convicted Simpson guilty of the two murders in 1997 and fined him $33.5 million. It has now come to light that a significant amount of the civil judgment was unpaid when Simpson passed away. The Goldman and Brown families may soon be entitled to a portion of Simpson’s estate since it is scheduled to go through the probate procedure.