Biden Says Netanyahu Making a ‘Mistake’ in Gaza by Denying Aid

While U.S. President Joe Biden demands a two-month truce in the Israeli-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip, he has also criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership.

Regarding food and medication, Biden said that Gaza should have “total access” for the next six to eight weeks. He made it clear that the United States would only continue to back the military effort if Israel let in additional supplies.

Israel maintains it is not blocking humanitarian supplies or their delivery to Gaza, but it has accused UN agencies of wasting the help that has been authorized to reach those in need.

After weeks of discussions, a ceasefire deal has not been reached, but there has been mounting pressure worldwide. As former president Donald Trump put it, Israel is losing the public relations war.

Last Wednesday, Biden gave an interview in which he urged the Israelis to end the violence, give the Palestinians six to eight weeks of ceasefire, and provide them full access to all food and medicine entering the country. Hamas, he has stated before, must agree to the truce and release the other captives.

To facilitate the entry of further humanitarian supplies, Israel has lately declared its intention to construct a deep water port and a bridge to the northern Gaza Strip. On the other hand, these routes’ exact timing and operation have not yet been announced. As a result of the actions taken during the six-month-long conflict,

On October 7, gunmen headed by Hamas stormed border towns in southern Israel, killing 1,200 and kidnapping another 250. According to Israel, out of 130 captives who are still in Gaza, 34 have died. Since the onslaught in October, Israel’s offensive in Gaza has killed over 33,000 people, primarily women and children.

Israel has withdrawn some of its army from southern Gaza in the last several days in response to increasing international criticism. The Israeli Defense Forces claim this is so the soldiers may rest and get ready for future operations; Netanyahu, meanwhile, has pledged to see his goal to “destroy Hamas” in Gaza, facilitating their complete eradication.