Trump Accepts Invitation to Speak at National Libertarian Convention

Former President Donald Trump has accepted the invitation to be an honorary speaker at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention this May. As Trump is now the presumptive 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate, this public event that will host Trump will serve as a great way to build up more hype and recognition amongst the voting public, and outside political parties for the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election, which is only six months away.

A recent press release on the event stated that Donald Trump had accepted the offer, as well as the “challenge” to speak at the Libertarian National Convention. The statement also regarded that Trump would be inclined to answer questions and address concerns voiced by the third party’s audience members. Trump has described the Libertarian Party as some of the most “thoughtful and independent thinkers” in the United States.

Trump said that he is looking forward to speaking at the convention, which will take place from May 24th through the 26th at a Hilton hotel in Washington D.C. Trump stated that all Americans must work together to further freedom and liberty for every American, claiming that a second term for his administration would help achieve that goal. The former president’s quote went on to explain that Libertarians and Republicans have many of the same ideas and that the overall goal of his appearance is to bring the two parties together to escape another four years of insufferableness from the current Biden administration.

On the contrary, chair member of the LNC Angela McArdle implied that the Committee’s invitation to Trump is not an elaborate plan to make the former president a candidate of the Libertarian party. McArdle also stated that President Joe Biden has also been invited to speak at the convention and that their invitation to him is still open.

Libertarians differ from Republicans despite their similar morals such as prostitution decriminalization, and the banning of the death penalty.