Houthi Terrorists Strike US Ship With Missile

Internationally, the state of political affairs continues to worsen as the calendar year of 2024 enters the middle of January, its first month. Early 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and brought arms conflict back to the European continent for the first time since the end of the second World War. In that conflict over half a million ukrainians are estimated to have already died and hundreds of thousands of Russians. Russia invaded the eastern and northern parts of the nation early in the campaign and made progress, besieging key cities. Shortly after its commencement though, Ukraine organized a stiff resistance. After mobilizing its forces, Russia was held at bay and eventually the nation retreated from the northern part of the country and has focused since in the eastern portion of Ukraine. The conflict has been stagnant for over a year, and it shows no signs of ending. Some reports have alleged that recently Ukrainians have inflicted significant casualties on the Russians, but the veracity and accuracy of many Ukrainian reports is questioned by most of the West.

In the middle east, on October 7th the Muslim terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel and murdered over a thousand innocent civilians. Following these attacks, Israel invaded Gaza and declared war on Hamas and Palestine (the nation that is governed by these Islamic extremists). As the conflict escalated in the Middle East, many academics on the left wing of the American political spectrum in higher education and many wealthy progressive students enrolled in universities as well as immigrants from the region that are Muslim have protested loudly against Israel and supported the terrorists. Even Harvard University came under fire after one high-ranking administrator named made anti-Semitic statements and resigned.

Recently, Houthi rebels from Yemen have attacked American cargo ships in the red sea. One cargo ship was hit with a missle just days following a joint American and English operation against the terrorists in Yemen.