WWE Lays Off Employees, Including Top Executive

For the WWE, the cuts just keep coming. And these cuts are real.

Among the confirmed layoffs is Kristen Prouty, senior vice president of entertainment relations, a position she has held for over 20 years.

Prouty had a crucial role in securing the contract with Logan Paul.

Additional layoffs include Tavia Hartley. Harley was designated as the manager of appearances and talent operations when she joined the company in 2021.

There has been no mention of talent cutbacks.

Just last week, WWE fired Beth Fisher, their head of corporate social responsibility, after she had worked for the corporation for thirteen years. Many more have also lost their employment as a consequence of the TKO merger, which was finished last October.

Fisher joined WWE in August 2011 as Vince McMahon’s assistant and rose through the ranks to become a senior manager in the Department of Marketing and Communications. In November 2019, she was elevated to her highest position with the company.

With the merger of WWE and UFC into TKO last year, a lot has changed. Additional layoffs are likely on the way, as is typical for large corporations, with further layoffs in the front office expected. Even though there have been no formal statements, the live events sector is expected to be affected. Because of the merging of the UFC and WWE live events operations, there may be layoffs as a result of job duplication. The new department will be headed by Peter Dropick, who has been the Executive Vice President of Event Development and Operations for UFC since 2006.

As part of the merger announcement, Dropkick was named as one of the individuals tasked with increasing income from live events for both WWE and UFC, including Dana White, Paul Levesque, Lawrence Epstein, Nick Khan, and Andrew Schleimer (TKO CFO).

Given the organizational changes that have occurred over the last month, people will have to wait and see whether the corporation decides to release additional staff this week.