Woman Gets Instant Retribution After Slapping Stranger’s Child

While strolling down the street with her mother in Brazil, a little girl’s face was forcefully struck by an unidentified assailant. A surveillance street-cam captured the footage that has gone viral.

A woman in a bright pink blouse approaches the mother and daughter as they slowly and innocently stride along on a sidewalk. The deranged woman abruptly reaches out and punches the kid in the face as she walks past them.

But the assailant got a taste of instant karma from a man who witnessed the assault.

The mother readied herself to strike back, but her terrified daughter pulled her away, sparing her mother yet another possible assault from the crazy lady, 

An onlooker who saw what was happening didn’t hesitate to rush over to the woman and give her a solid kick in the stomach.

The man tries to kick her three more times but only manages to deliver one blow. The woman quickly falls to the ground.

Before a female spectator intervenes, she scolds the man and appears ready to get physically violent with him.

A number of onlookers make sure the mom and her daughter get to safety.

Social media users widely appreciated the man’s decision to aid the helpless mother and infant. It was appropriate; one commenter remarked that the attacker got what she deserved. 

Another commenter felt the man didn’t go far enough.

The timing and place of the incident are still a mystery.

Nobody knew what made the woman act this way, and it was also unknown whether anybody had reported her to the police.

A number of women took to TikTok in March to describe being punched by strangers while out and about in New York City. At least two daytime incidents were reported to the police.

After one assault was investigated by the NYPD, TikTok star Halley Kate—who has 1.1 million followers—posted a video on Monday in which she claimed the incident led her to black out and fall to the ground.

The “knockout game, where people randomly punch innocent pedestrians in an attempt to “knock them out,” became fashionable with the lowest urchins society has to offer.