Whoopi Goldberg Bizarrely Asks Co-Host If She’s Pregnant

Whoopi Goldberg, the cohost of The View, asked Alyssa Farah Griffin, out of the clear blue sky, if she was pregnant.

The cast was in the middle of diatribes and discussions about the existential problem the United States confronts regarding racism and discrimination.

The panelists were also debating Mitt Romney’s Senate retirement announcement and the gradual transformation of the Republican Party into one more in line with Donald Trump than Ronald Reagan.

Whoopi said, “The rot has always been there,” referring to the long history of racism and xenophobia in this country. Then, all of a sudden, Whoopi turned the topic back to Griffin and exclaimed – “Are you expecting?”

Incredulous, Goldberg’s co-host, Griffin, screamed, “No! Oh my god!”

Griffin admonished Goldberg, telling her she couldn’t say that in front of her in-laws, explaining that her mother-in-law has been itching to become a grandmother.

The View co-host Griffin asked if anything gave her away as pregnant.

The panel and audience laughed at Goldberg’s “I just got a feeling” response. “I’m very sorry,” she added.

Griffin joked that she is “not blessed to be pregnant yet” but would be “really open to becoming pregnant soon.”

“I’m fairly confident,” when Griffin was asked if she knew for sure that she was not pregnant.

“I apologize,” Goldberg said, “I see a radiance.”

Griffin, 34, and Justin Griffin became engaged in 2020 and wed in November 2021.

The flustered Griffin also explained that she plans to verify this with a test once she returns home.

On Wednesday, the deep thinkers of The View got into an argument about Griffin mistakenly calling papier mache “paper machete.” After Goldberg admonished Griffin, she made her own blunder, saying the ex-NFL star Deion Sanders was the coach of the Buffalo Bills. He’s the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Joy Reid entered the fray by shouting, “Who cares?!!”

Yes. Who cares?