Video Shows Incredible Russian Missile Intercept

The Ukrainian air force verified the downing of a Russian missile above the city of Odesa early on Sunday morning, providing residents with a spectacular display of aerial light.

Reports show Odesa, in the country’s southwestern corner, is the third-most populous city in Ukraine, an Eastern European country. Due to its strategic location, the city on the Black Sea coast has been under constant threat from Russian drone and missile attacks.

Sunday morning, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, head of the Ukrainian Air Force, revealed through Telegram that one of these attacks had been intercepted over the city. Oleshchuk praised Air Command Pivden in his post for the successful interception of the attack.

Oleshchuk also included a brief video depicting the spectacular and terrifying moment the missile was intercepted and destroyed. The air force’s anti-missile munitions are seen in the 16-second footage arcing upward into the sky before descending near its intended target. The Russian missile is not visible in the video, but the Ukrainian munition hits its mark and explodes with such force that the state news outlet Ukrainska Pravda compared the event to fireworks.

According to a report, a sober, accurate analysis of Ukraine’s nearly completed summer offensive shows how the country has produced little progress in kicking out Russia from Ukraine’s territory, even as leading American generals, politicians, and social media influencers continue advocating unrestricted support to Ukraine.

Washington should make the required policy shift and adjust course in light of the brutal reality of the conflict on the ground in Ukraine. If Washington and Kyiv were to reevaluate their goals, they may be able to save lives in Ukraine and protect American interests. Both of these goals are being ignored by the present administration in Washington.
Ukraine’s odds of success against Russia’s hardened lines are low, and the US would be prudent to alter its policy accordingly.

The report reveals the US has spent about $113 billion, supplied Ukraine with an unprecedented amount of cutting-edge weapons, and provided a wide range of military instructional services and intelligence. But it has barely scratched the surface of the Russian defenses.