US Pays Dearly For Biden’s Middle East Management

The state of international affairs is seriously volatile. Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the global economy in 2020 and governments across what has been deemed the “free” Western World routinely violated civil liberties and the natural rights of citizens everywhere, the world and the United States at large has still never truly recovered from the effects of the disastrous pandemic. It could be argued that the actions taken by governments themselves produced much more harm than the actual virus actually did.

The murder of George Floyd gave progressive Democrats an opportunity to promote radical criminal “reform” policies that implemented cashless bail for “low level” crimes such as theft and looting. In many urban cities, police departments have been limited in their ability to keep the peace and take action against wrongdoers as leftist politicians call for them to be defunded. One of these politicians who routinely made media headlines for her blatant “anti-cop” rhetoric has returned to the news, but this time it is not a disdain for law enforcement she is promoting, it is anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiments.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, the radical progressive Democrat from Queens, has made many unintelligent remarks during her several years as a federal public servant. She continues to make statements that are downright untrue and faces no repercussions. In the aftermath of the Hamas Muslim Terrorist attacks which resulted in the murder of over  1,000 innocent Israeli citizens, Cortez is blaming Christians for the violence. Blaming Donald Trump and his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for the attacks, she also claimed that “Christian Nationalists” in America are also responsible for the affairs in the Middle East.

Regardless, America is suffering dearly due to the middle eastern conflicts. Iranian backed terrorist groups have attacked American and western shipping, and several servicemembers have already died in the region. Many have sharply criticized the Biden administration’s questionable handling of international affairs.