US Hits Back Hard After Forces Shoot Down Reaper Drone

US airplanes have bombed a weapons storage site used by Iran and its proxies in eastern Syria after the downing of an American MQ-9 Reaper drone by Yemen’s Houthi troops.

Over thirty strikes on American military locations in Iraq and Syria since October 17 prompted this action, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. He’s declared that the United States is ready to take any additional measures required to ensure the safety of its citizens and facilities and to discourage any further escalation.

The downing of the sophisticated drone was revealed by Yemeni military spokesperson Yahya Sare’e, who claimed that the US vessel had been conducting hostile monitoring and espionage activities in Yemeni territorial waters as part of the US military’s ongoing support for the Israeli entity.

In response to rising regional tensions during the Israel-Gaza war, the United States has sent aircraft carriers, Marines, and support ships to the Middle East. The Red Sea, which separates Yemen and Israel, has several military bases and outposts. Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have been fighting the government, which is supported by Iran’s archrival, Saudi Arabia, for years. This week, the deputy head of Hezbollah, a regional group backed by Iran, warned the BBC that Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza might spark a more significant conflict in the Middle East.

The U.S. strikes, the second in as many weeks, were in reaction to attacks on US soldiers in Iraq and Syria, according to a Pentagon official. The war monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed nine persons connected to Iran-backed factions in Syria were killed in the hit.

Since October 7, the Houthis have claimed to have launched at least four separate attacks against southern Israel using drones and missiles. Most of Yemen’s population resides in the country’s northern and western regions, which are under the group’s authority and the capital. The drone was shot down while in international airspace and over international waters, according to a senior US defense source who spoke to The Post.

Despite the Biden administration’s pledge to avoid direct military involvement on Israel’s behalf, American soldiers continue to operate in the region to defeat ISIS.