UN Investigating Hamas Atrocities On Oct. 7th

There have been allegations of violence against women committed by Hamas during the assaults on October 7, and UN Women has demanded an inquiry into these claims.

This follows claims that Hamas brutalized women and children during the assaults, which have been questioned by some anti-Israel groups.

The assault on the Jewish state by Hamas was followed swiftly by reports of assault and rape. During the last 30 days, eyewitnesses and survivors of the horrific assaults have come out with their testimonies.

Reports indicate that forensic investigators have confirmed that members of Hamas defiled, tormented, and otherwise mistreated their victims. A former top rabbi of the army, Rabbi Israel Weiss, confirmed the allegations that corpses found, including adolescent females, had shown evidence of being molested and defiled.

Hamas has rejected the accusation that its members engaged in such behavior, saying that assaulting women would contradict Islamic beliefs.

“Women and girls are paying the highest price of wars,” UN Women Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General Sima Bahous told the assembled delegates, citing the situation in the Middle East, particularly the “Palestinian dilemma.”

After expressing her shock at the prevalence of the assaults, Bahous emphasized the need for immediate and thorough investigations into all cases of violence against women and girls.

According to Bahous, she has spoken with and spoken with Israeli women who have documented wartime crimes against women.

Approximately 67% of the casualties in Gaza since October 7 have been children and women, according to her. More than 9,00 women and children would be among the more than 14,000 casualties, constituting 67% of the total.

That equates to seven women every two hours and two mothers per hour. “They are all lost to us,” she said.

She informed the Council that UN Women had previously visited with Israeli women, listened to their stories of gender-based crimes, and urged for a commitment to ending the conflict and supporting women in both the Israeli and Palestinian communities.