Trump Ropes in Youngest Daughter to Appeal to Arab Americans

Massad Boulous, Tiffany Trump’s father-in-law, is working to get Arab Americans to back Donald Trump in the 2024 election. Tiffany is married to Massad’s son, Michael.

A native of Lebanon who is fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Boulous touts Trump as the greatest modern-day president and believes the Republicans can help Arab Americans by ending the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

It is worth noting that Trump’s supporters believe they can capitalize on divisions within Biden’s Democratic base because Biden supports Israel’s counterattack in Gaza.

After his son Michael’s 2022 wedding to Tiffany Trump, Boulos’s connection with the former president’s campaign intensified, and he took use of Arab Americans’ dissatisfaction with Biden to advance his political career. 

Trump associates have prioritized the states of Arizona and Michigan, where the non-partisan group Arab Americans for Trump has set up shop. Massad, Michael Boulos, and Richard Grenell—a prominent foreign policy advisor and Trump’s ambassador to Germany—met in Troy, Michigan in May. Attendees had diverse reactions to the event, with some saying it was meaningless and ignored their worries about Trump.

Boulos has been meeting with around fifty Arab Americans in Michigan. He considers it mainly an individual endeavor to reacquaint himself with old acquaintances and convey important messages for Trump.

According to Trump spokesman Brian Hughes, the campaign is appreciative of Boulous’s attempts to reach out to Arab Americans. But Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa attacked Trump’s friends’ outreach, calling Trump the greatest danger to Muslims and Arabs. Trump has the full backing of Boulos Enterprises and SCOA Nigeria, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that deals in construction, retail, automobiles, and equipment.

At the Republican National Committee meeting in July, Michael Boulos and his wife Tiffany will be representing Florida. Currently residing in Miami with her spouse Jared Kushner, Don Jr., half-sibling Ivanka Trump also has a significant other, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Don Jr. Some Arab-American voters have grown disillusioned with Trump due to his support for Israel in the ongoing Middle East conflict. A recent poll conducted by the New York Times/Siena College found that among Arab and Muslim voters in five battleground states, Trump had a 57% to 25% lead over Biden.