Trump Promises Christian Visibility Day Upon Re-Election

Former President Donald Trump has promised to make November’s election day “Christian visibility day.” Trump made the pledge in response to President Biden’s controversial recognition of “transgender visibility day” on Easter Sunday, which provoked fierce criticism from Republicans.

On his Truth Social media account, Mr. Trump wrote that November 5 will be American history’s “most important day” and will see the biggest turnout of Christians in any election.

He repeated the message at a Green Bay, Wisconsin rally, saying Christians would turn out in numbers “never seen before” to send him back to the Oval Office. The vast crowd, who had queued for hours to hear the former President, greeted the message with loud cheers. Trump told his supporters, “We must make America pray again,” as he ramped up his Christian credentials in the run-up to the election.

Over the Easter weekend, President Biden marked “transgender visibility day” with online messages honoring the “courage and contributions of transgender Americans.” He called on the public to lift the voices of transgender individuals and oppose the “violence and discrimination” they face.

Some Republicans reacted with fury and accused the White House of insulting Christians. House Speaker Mike Johnson said the President had “betrayed the central tenet of Easter” and warned that the American public was taking note of the “outrageous and abhorrent” insult.

President Biden hit back, calling Johnson “uninformed.” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre echoed that sentiment and said the entire row was based on misinformation. She said the President only posted those remarks on Easter Sunday because the two days coincidentally fell on the same date.

Log Cabin Republicans, the largest conservative LGBT organization in America, described the President’s tributes as “disrespectful.” Spokesperson Charles Moran said he understands that Easter falls on a different date each year, and it happened to coincide with the transgender day, but was baffled that nobody in the White House thought it prudent to wait until after Easter to mark the transgender event.