Trump Makes History With Prayer Meeting

After being formally arrested, booked, and arraigned on 37 felony charges relating to sensitive materials, Trump instructed his convoy to stop at the Versailles café and bakery unannounced. There, the staff greeted him with a great showing of kindness and support.

Versailles is located a mile west of the Little Havana Calle Ocho region.

While at the restaurant, Trump was led in prayer by “a rabbi and a priest” who prayed in English and Spanish. Those who joined him in worship placed their hands on his back and shoulder while they prayed.

The prayer lunch was organized on Tuesday afternoon in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami by the Spanish-language multimedia news network Americano Media.

One of the men conducting the prayer could be heard thanking God for giving the people President Trump.” He is also heard vowing that communism would not make it to the U.S. shores, alluding to Cuba’s communist government from which they escaped.

After that, there was another prayer said in Spanish.

After then, Trump is heard expressing gratitude to the individuals who led the prayer, after which he greeted the attendees and shook hands with them as others in the room screamed words of support rather than cries of opposition.

But more than brotherly or sisterly affection was shared throughout the stay.

One person on Twitter said they were “thrown out” of the restaurant’s neighboring bakery because they questioned President Trump if “he was ready to go to jail.”

During an interview with Trump on Monday night, anchor Carines Moncada asked Trump about the allegations and compared them to the persecution Cuban exiles endured when they were forced to abandon Fidel Castro’s rule.

Many pundits believe Miami is probably not a favorable venue for prosecution because many residents are deeply suspicious of government tyranny.

Trump has made that the cornerstone of his defense.