Trump Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test

Though Biden’s physicians had previously decided he did not require a cognitive test during his physical, former President Trump insisted that the president undergo one on Thursday.

On Wednesday, 81-year-old Biden traveled to Walter Reed Medical Center for his yearly checkup. Following the examination, Biden’s doctor documented in a memorandum that he was still “fit for duty” and that his health had not changed significantly over the previous twelve months.

The White House stated that Biden did not undergo a cognitive test because doctors felt it was unnecessary.

Many Americans, including some Democrats, believe Biden is too elderly to run for office again, and Republicans have persistently used his gaffes and unsteadiness to cast him as unqualified.

Despite his age (77), Trump has not directly criticized Joe Biden for being unfit for the presidency, but he has called him “incompetent.”

For a long time, the GOP presidential front-runner—and former president—has boasted about passing a test that can detect early signs of cognitive deterioration or dementia. But the Biden team has wasted no time pointing out that Trump has also made some blunders in recent months. During one of his campaign rallies, he erroneously called the leader of Hungary the leader of Turkey. At another event, he repeatedly confused Nikki Haley, his remaining GOP primary competitor, with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

According to polls, the majority of Americans do not want Biden and Trump to face off again in November. They think both men are too old to be president.

A recent inquiry cleared the president of wrongdoing over the secret papers he had stored illegally in his garage. The report calls him “an elderly man” who often experiences difficulties with memory and recollection, and he would be a pitiful figure at any trial.

It’s difficult to reconcile the two—either Biden is mentally adroit but a criminal, or he is mentally incompetent and not sharp enough to be president.