“Trigger” Clause Wreaks Havoc In Congress

According to Rosemary Jenks of the Immigration Accountability Project, Sen. James Lankford’s (R-OK) plan regarding the border aids President Joe Biden in importing more migrants and impedes President Donald Trump (if he should regain the presidency) in his efforts to decrease the influx.

According to Jenks, the main issue is the so-called “trigger” authorization, which causes immigration to be immediately limited if 8,500 illegals cross the border in a single day or 5,000 persons cross for seven consecutive days.

A current emergency statute permits the president to close the border at far lower amounts of illegal immigration, but this new trigger would secretly bypass it.

Proponents of the measure, such as Lankford and Republican Senator Thom Tillis (NC), an outspoken supporter of increased labor migration, describe the trigger as essential.

Trump also opposes the proposal. On January 27, he stated that he would never back a policy of open borders, which would betray America. Trump says it’s better to have no bill than a terrible one.

In addition to safeguarding Biden’s parole programs, which import around 80,000 migrants every month, or about 1.1 million in 2023, the Lankford plan and the “trigger” do the same.

A federal judge in Texas is anticipated to shortly ban a program that pulls 700,000 laborers from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, which is one of four legal issues involving Biden’s parole influx. Deputies working for Biden are appealing a decision that blocked his release of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

According to reports, the Lankford plan would permit some of Biden’s parole programs to continue if the trigger to limit border crossings is activated.

Furthermore, according to reports, the “trigger” will allegedly still permit the processing of an extra 1,400 migrants daily at the border. The arrival of half a million economic migrants would still be unimpeded, regardless of how active the “trigger” was during the year.

In a perfect world, 364 days of trigger crackdown would result in the reception of at least 500,000 migrants.

Along with that massive influx, an extra half-million parolees, a million legal immigrants, and thousands of refugees, overstays, and visa workers enter each year.