Trans Swimmer Challenged To UFC Fight

Lia Thomas, a well-known swimmer and transgender athlete, was given a challenge by Mixed Martial Arts fighter Julian Erosa. He taunted Thomas and invited the athlete to enter the ring with him.

Following his submission victory in the first round of UFC Vegas 89, Erosa was questioned by a reporter about an odd call-out that he had referred to. When a fighter publicly declares their intention to take on a particular opponent after a victory, it’s called a call-out.

Erosa spotted a chance to encourage transgender athlete Thomas to take up mixed martial arts:

During a news conference, Erosa slammed cheaters, mainly calling out Lia Thomas.

Erosa listed several transgender athletes, including Thomas, who competes in women’s swimming after years of competing in men’s.

He said the world is devoid of logic and basic sense., and has some concerns about guys playing women’s sports. He cited the Fallon Fox incident when the biological male competed in women’s MMA and won.

Fox participated in six matches, winning five of them handily. It is noteworthy that Fox was given the gender of a man from birth. In only 39 seconds, he decisively and swiftly beat a lady in his second battle. It was said that he seriously injured his opponent’s head in his most recent fight.

Erosa said there are no ways to make your bones smaller.

According to Essentially Sports, Thomas finished the 500-yard freestyle as the 65th-ranked male in the nation, but she unexpectedly won the title as a female the following year.

In the men’s 200-yard freestyle, he placed 554th; in the women’s division, he finished sixth.

A former collegiate swimming champion called ESPN “spineless” for including transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in their Women’s History Month piece.

Riley Gaines had a stellar swimming career at the University of Kentucky. She won several awards and became one of the most successful swimmers in the program’s history. As a twelve-time NCAA All-American and five-time SEC champion, she set an amazing record.

In March 2022, Gaines competed in the NCAA finals against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania.

The previously formidable Gaines did not beat Thomas.