Top Russian General Killed In War

A military journalist stated on Monday that a high-ranking Russian general had been slain by a missile attack in Ukraine.

The 35th Combined Arms Army’s chief of staff, Major General Sergei Goryachev, was killed in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region due to an enemy missile attack near the village of Velikaya Novoselka. Yuri Kotenok is a Russian war correspondent, blogger, and analyst who manages the Telegram channel called Voenkor Kotenok Z.

A report shows that since the war began in February, four additional generals had been killed. A death was reported recently following Ukraine’s counteroffensive to regain territory taken by Russian forces during their invasion. On Monday, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Hanna Malia, said that Ukraine had taken back control of seven villages covering an area of 35 square miles in the last week.

As of June 2, Mediazona reported that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the deaths of 176 lieutenant colonels, 58 colonels, and 4 generals. Major Generals Kanamat Botashev, Andrey Sukhovetsky, Vladimir Frolov, and Roman Kutuzov were included.

According to the report, Goryachev was a distinguished soldier. He commanded a tank brigade, served during the Second Chechen War, directed a Russian military facility in Tajikistan, and oversaw Russian troops in Transdniestria, the breakaway pro-Russian province of Moldova, throughout his almost 30-year military career.

The Russian military does not publicly record combat losses.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia may use weapons containing depleted uranium if needed, following reports of the US providing such weapons to Ukraine.

According to the state news agency, TASS, Putin stated that they possess ammunition containing depleted uranium, and if the Armed Forces of Ukraine use them, they maintain their right to employ the same ammunition.

During a discussion with war correspondents, he stated that Russia possesses a significant amount of depleted uranium ammunition, but they have not yet been utilized.