Tom Brady Opens Up About His Biggest Regret of His Career

Tom Brady, the former quarterback for the National Football League (NFL), seems to be prepared to pursue the broadcasting job that had been available to him since his first retirement from professional football. He seems to have one regret, however.

During an appearance on a Podcast, Brady admitted that there could have been a defect in his pursuit of greatness.

He said that if he could go back in time and alter one thing, it would be to enjoy himself as a quarterback. He remembers smiling and having fun, but eventually, everything became too serious. 

He went from not getting enough sleep to eating poorly to overindulging in partying, and before you know you’re feeling overwhelmed. The way he was feeling was something he didn’t really like.

Brady said he spent a lot of his early years trying to live up to people’s expectations while also acting like the socially awkward teen when he started. What Brady really wanted to do was go out and play.  He said that in the next chapter of his life, he intends to enjoy it a bit more.

After Brady retired in 2022, he delayed starting his career in broadcasting. However, he only remained in the NFL for a year after unretiring before calling it quits once again.

His first gig has been announced, and he will make his camera debut in Week 1 of the NFL season in Cleveland, Ohio, against the Dallas Cowboys.

Michael Strahan, a host on Fox Sports, informed Brady of his first assignment during his appearance on Fox’s Upfront event in May.

Brady said he loved covering the Cowboys.  He has played against them, and now he will finally have the opportunity to brag about them. 

Tom Brady became a New England Patriots Hall of Famer in June after his induction.