TikTok Video of Married Man Flirting on Flight Goes Viral

A TikTok user exposed a married man flirting heavily with a fellow plane passenger by recording him and posting the video online. Caroline Rened, who has 38,000 followers on the video-sharing app, posted the footage and wrote, “If this is your husband flying United Airlines, Flight 2140, from Houston to New York, he’s probably going to be staying with Katy tonight.” 

She went on to inform her followers that the then-unnamed man met “Katy” at an airport bar, and the two had not left each other’s side since. Rened also pointed out that she knew the woman’s name because the man continually repeated it. 

The clip went viral and received thousands of comments, most of which condemned the husband, who wore a wedding ring throughout the flirtatious exchange. Others asked the woman involved why she would continue the increasingly intimate conversation with a man who was obviously married. At one point in the video, the male party is seen lifting his shirt and exposing much of his upper body for a prolonged period. 

Internet sleuths soon revealed the alleged cheat’s identity as Bryan Stacy, a business owner from Fort Worth and father of an 8-year-old girl. Within days of its posting, the video was viewed more than 29 million times, but the story did not end there. 

In a subsequent TikTok post, Rened updated viewers as events continued on the four-hour flight. In her second clip, she confirmed that the pair had been “making out” and “ended up in the bathroom.” 

Social media users also managed to track down his wife and identified her as Tanya Stacy, a Texas business executive who shares two children with her husband. 

Several commentators expressed concern about the internet being used to spy on strangers and publicly “humiliate them.” Others questioned whether Caroline Rened understood the damage she could cause by not considering the morality of her own actions. Many suggested that Rened should mind her own business.