Speaker Blows Lid Off Biden’s Big ‘Reset’

House Speaker Mike Johnson published a video prior to President Biden’s State of the Union address, accusing the President of overseeing “three years of decline.” The Speaker said Biden has “accelerated” decline in every aspect of life, from the economy to national security. He called for better policies and a “real leader” to turn the tide.

The video, published on YouTube, contains a clip of President Biden urging migrants to “surge to the border,” interspersed with images of immigrants lining up to enter the United States illegally. Drugs, guns, and terrorism also feature, while a law enforcement officer states that “cartels control” the American border.

On the economy, there are several clips of Joe Biden touting his “Bidenomics,” which the President insists has improved the everyday lives of Americans. The US public, however, does not agree – the video cites a poll showing that 78% think the economy is worse under Biden’s leadership.

While Johnson is seen telling Congress that prices are consistently increasing and inflation is at its highest in 40 years, Biden repeats his claim that people are better off.

Crime statistics also feature, including a 24% nationwide murder increase and a surge of smash-and-grab robberies and looting. Foreign policy images show the Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan and the outbreak of Israel’s war against the terror group Hamas after it attacked the Jewish state last October and killed more than 1,200 people. Johnson also notes that Biden has taken more vacation days than any other American President.

During the State of the Union address, the President lashed out at Republicans several times, and Johnson is seen shaking his head and rolling his eyes. Biden accused GOP lawmakers of trying to rewrite history and ignore what happened on January 6, 2021. Biden said the “insurrectionists” had failed, and democracy “stood strong.” Johnson applauded, however, when the President said there is no place for violence in American politics, adding, “You can’t love your country only when you win.”