Second-Hand EV Cars Pose Safety Threat Due to Short Battery Life

In the United States, it is no secret that in recent years, the economic, cultural, political and social state of affairs within the country have been marked by tension, volatility and uncertainty. Since the 2016 presidential election, political tensions have skyrocketed. This has been largely due to the fact that a political outsider, the wealthy businessman Donald Trump won the presidency in a massive upset victory against Hillary Clinton. Additionally, the media has routinely promoted overwhelmingly negative coverage of Trump, increasing national polarization and division amongst ordinary citizens. Since the election of 2020, there has been a general worsening of the economic and social climate within the country and nations around the world have suffered tremendously as conflict has become the norm. The nation appears destined for increased tensions as the 2024 election nears.

The two major political factions, progressives and conservatives, appear to be polar opposites of each other. Sadly, there appears to be less and less of a “middle ground” within the country. Politicians further to the left and to the right have been increasingly elected to public office, and the agenda of both major parties reflect this. While the GOP continuously pushes for extreme restrictions on birth control and abortion, progressive Democrats call for open-borders immigration, high taxes and regulation, and “green energy” movements that would cripple the ordinary citizen and make everyone reliant on the public system for transportation, welfare and well-being. The left has incessantly pushed for major projects that would cost trillions of dollars in infrastructural improvements nationally, including the controversial development of wind-turbines off the coasts of the nation (which have questionable reliability and effectiveness at the expense of environment and ecology).

Many leftist states have also banned the sale of non-electric (gas or diesel powered) vehicles by the mid-2030s. Along with the high cost of electric cars, second hand vehicles appear to pose a safety risk due to battery life and flammability.