Schweizer Accuses Clintons Of Profiting On Ukraine War

The Clinton Foundation has announced its return, focusing its efforts on Ukraine.

Initially established by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, the foundation had paused its annual “Clinton Global Initiative” for a period. This action came as the organization faced dwindling fundraising amidst controversies. Now, the foundation is reviving its initiative, directing aid towards the conflict-affected Ukraine. This initiative also received an endorsement from Pope Francis.

In 2015, concerns regarding the foundation’s transactions were brought to the limelight by Peter Schweizer’s book, which details Bill and Hillary allegedly getting rich off their foundation. In a recent podcast episode of The Drill Down, Schweizer elaborated on the Clinton Foundation’s operations and their perceived patterns.

Schweizer argued that the foundation’s approach sometimes looked more like profiteering than pure aid. He cited their involvement in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia, and Haiti. According to him, businesses that benefited from the relief contracts in these regions were often significant donors to the foundation. Some were even linked to the Clintons personally.

Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian tycoon, became a notable contributor to the Clinton Foundation during the 2010s. 2008, he pledged $29 million over five years to the Clinton Global Initiative. This donation was earmarked for a program to educate Ukraine’s future leaders and professionals.

Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers described a pattern: the foundation collecting donations, the needy population of the affected nation, like Ukraine in the current context, and businesses seeking favorable deals in conflict areas.

The Government Accountability Institute delved into the relationship between Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state and various business magnates in Russia and Ukraine. The Skolkovo project in Russia, examined within GAI’s report, is one instance connected to Clinton’s “Russia Reset” policy.

Highlighting Haiti’s situation, Schweizer pointed out that both Clintons had significant roles in its post-earthquake reconstruction. He drew attention to the fact that some of the contracts in Haiti were awarded to figures like Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother.

In essence, monitoring how the funds dedicated to Ukrainian relief are used and allocated is crucial.