School Officials Brushes Off Parents’ Concerns Over Migrants

The United States of America currently faces a multitude of fiscal, cultural, and political problems. Currently the nation situation is tense, as the country has truly become more divided and polarized since the presidential election of Donald Trump in 2016. Trump lost re-election in 2020 in that presidential contest to Joe Biden. Since then, the economic situation in the country has starkly changed. Large levels of inflation have occurred and soared to heights not witnessed in decades (largely since the 1970s) in the aftermath of massive pieces of spending legislation passed in the early years of Biden’s term. Currently, it is thought that nearly 6 out of every 10 Americans are living on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Things within the country economically have been particularly hard on the middle class. The wealth gap between the poor and the middle class and the wealthy has continued to rise in what has become known as the hourglass effect.

Due to this, it is no surprise that nearly half of the country believes the “American Dream” is dead. Home ownership has often been cited as the gold standard of the measurement of this dream- today for families earning near the median national income of $70 thousand dollars a year, home ownership is nearly unaffordable in most of the country.

While Americans struggle to pay their bills, a s

crisis continues to unfold at the nation’s southern border. Early in his term, Biden reversed many of his predecessors policies at the southern border. This has resulted in a massive spike in illegal migration. Trump had previously instituted a “remain in Mexico” policy that had prevented migrants from being processed and released into America. This was ended under Biden. It is thought that millions of illegal migrants have entered the country. In New York City, a public school was shut down to house them. Parents were brushed aside by the principal, who seemed indifferent.