Russia Mocks CIA For Social Media Recruitment Effort

Moscow is making fun of the CIA’s social media efforts to enlist Russian agents.

A report claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uploaded a video to their YouTube channel depicting a fictitious Russian making the crucial decision to contact the agency covertly.

According to the CIA, they are responsible for safeguarding its international staff.

Per the CIA’s website, anyone wishing to provide information regarding Russia should do so securely using the dark web. The Central Intelligence Agency has taken the necessary steps to confirm its social media accounts with each platform when applicable.

The video, which is the latest in a line of recruitment videos targeting Russia, reportedly starts by assuring viewers that they can do something before outlining ways to contact the CIA.

According to the CIA, agents in propaganda are depicted as courageous protectors of liberty rather than common farmhands, which is why the Agency employs fiction to entice viewers.  A CIA official who requested anonymity said that the films have inspired more Russians to reach out.  No news outlets confirmed the statement.

The Kremlin dismissed the effort.  Facebook and Twitter are common places for intelligence agencies around the world to look for new recruits. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, said that the CIA does this every year.

Peskov scoffed and said that someone should tell the CIA that VKontakte has a lot more viewers and is more popular than the restricted X.

According to Marlowe, who spoke at the Hayden Center at George Mason University, Putin had a golden opportunity the day before the invasion to exert pressure on Ukraine, sway NATO, and demonstrate Russia’s strength. He frittered away all of that.  The CIA is trying to find other Russians who feel the same way about that as we do. They asserted that the agency was open for business.