Rudy Giuliani Struggling To Meet Legal Challenges

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and one-time personal lawyer for Donald Trump, is having a hard time meeting all of his legal challenges.

Ken Frydman, who served as Giuliani’s press secretary while he was mayor, said that his former boss is following the playbook on how to handle legal grievances that Trump designed.

Giuliani is facing a defamation trial in Washington, D.C., and he arrived late to the hearing on Monday. That suit was filed by two Georgia election workers — mother Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss — who say that multiple false statements Giuliani made about them and the work they did during the 2020 presidential election has completely altered their lives.

They say they received death threats, and people showing up to their home, as encouraged by Giuliani.

The mother-daughter pair are seeking damages that range from $15.5 million to $43 million in their defamation case.

Giuliani was already found culpable for his actions back in August by U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell. Essentially, that means the trial he’s facing now is really about how much money he’ll have to pay Freeman and Moss.

Appearing on the “Laura Coates Live” program on CNN on Tuesday, Frydman commented on the situation by saying:

“[Giuliani is] used to willing people to do his bidding, the same way Trump is. And it’s not working anymore, so he’s just flailing around, desperately trying to stay out of jail, frankly. … His only goal should be to die a free man. If their lawyers are telling them anything other than that, they’re not giving him good counsel.”

Frydman added that it’s possible Giuliani is hoping that Trump wins the White House again in 2024, which could lead to them “getting the band back together.” In other words, his financial and legal woes could go away with another Trump administration.

There have been many reports that Giuliani, once considered a wealthy man, is having massive financial problems as a result of all the legal costs he’s had to shell out recently.

In addition to the defamation suit that’s playing out in Washington, D.C., Giuliani is also facing a criminal case in Georgia related to election interference.

On the first day of the defamation trial on Monday, Joseph Sibley, who’s serving as Giuliani’s lawyer in the case, acknowledged his client’s dire financial straits to the jury.

He said:

“It would be the end of Mr. Giuliani.”

Sibley added that the amount of money that the plaintiffs are requesting in the defamation trial would effectively be the “civil equivalent of the death penalty.”

Giuliani has been forced to list his home in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for $6.5 million to pay for his mounting legal expenses.

Frydman commented on this on the CNN program when he said:

“I think [Giuliani] knows that he is not going to live to pay out millions of dollars. He can’t even afford a new car, frankly. That’s how low on funds he is.”