Reporter Gets Laughter After Taking “One More Stab” At White House Question

During Monday’s press briefing, James Rosen, the White House correspondent for Newsmax, humorously attempted to elicit a substantive response from John Kirby, the NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, regarding the Trump case.

Since the news broke about Trump’s indictment on 37 counts for violating the Espionage Act, President Joe Biden and his administration have maintained a strict policy of offering minimal comments in response to the barrage of inevitable questions.

Nevertheless, reporters have relentlessly presented various imaginative scenarios to prompt a memorable quote. Joining White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Kirby faced several attempts from journalists to extract a meaningful statement.

James Rosen, a White House reporter, thanked Karine Jean-Pierre and asked John Kirby, before we move on, I would like to make another attempt to elicit a substantive response from you regarding the Trump case.

The question sent a wave of light laughter through the room. Kirby responded [by telling Rosen that no satisfying information would be forthcoming and confirmed he would treat all other reporter’s questions the same non-information. (More Laughter)

The jovial atmosphere continued as Kirby went on to joke with the reporters that he was prepared to answer questions about Mauritius, holding up his briefing papers, but no reporters seemed to have any interest in that topic despite his extensive preparation for their questions.

Rosen also raised a question during the press conference regarding Americans detained in foreign countries.

During an official speech in Philadelphia last year, President Biden identified Donald Trump and his supporters as threats to the American homeland.

It was noted that you echoed those comments in one of your Zoom briefings soon afterward.

Considering Donald Trump’s enrollment in the American criminal justice system as a defendant, which inherently imposes certain restrictions on his movements, can it provide some reassurance to the American people that he is now less of a threat compared to when the President made those remarks?

Kirby replied that he was not in a position to offer a definitive response to that question.