NFL Stadium Nearly Empty With Tickets Selling For Mere Cents

The issues plaguing one NFL team extend far beyond their ineffective play on the field.

According to a report, tickets for the Dec. 16 Carolina Panthers game versus the Atlanta Falcons were selling for as low as $0.45 in the days leading up to the game, yet the stadium still wasn’t filled. The most desirable seats cost $5 per ticket.

A media outlet speculated that the team’s recent slump was the primary cause of the many thousands of vacant seats seen in photos.

According to the source, the club and its supporters hoped that this season would be the beginning of their comeback to championship contention after selecting quarterback Bryce Young as the first overall choice in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The team’s current 7-10 record directly results from the inverse happening, which is quite disappointing. The Panthers had a league-worst 1-12 record before their game with the 6-7 Atlanta Falcons.

The game was dubbed the most depressing hours of football so far by SB Nation, a sports website.

According to the outlet, even with the secondary market price of 45 cents for upper-level tickets, it was still too expensive to see what may be the most depressing three hours of sports this season. It was another typical game in the Panthers’ historically terrible football season. David Tepper, the owner, should feel nothing but shame for allowing Carolina to be in this unfortunate situation.

The fact that the event was advertised as a Friends & Family Day, encouraging fans to bring their loved ones who would not often attend, just made things worse. Fans attended in the few thousand, according to some estimates.

A Panthers fan on X claimed that a stadium employee said there were 5,200 in attendance, but nobody verified that.

With a maximum capacity of 74,867, Bank of America Stadium was probably close to 10% full.