New Poll Reveals Participants Find Trump More ‘Presidential’ Over Biden

As the summer months of 2024 continue to come into focus, and the season enters its peak. Increased attention is now being focused on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. While both major political parties in the United States have not had their national conventions, with both of these being set to occur at the end of the calendar month of August the stage been set for the incumbent 46th President Joe Biden to square off once again against the former 45th president Donald Trump in a general election for the presidency in November. Ultimately, both men are disliked by a large percentage of American voters. A recent study alleged that almost one out of every four Americans would like to pick somebody else besides Biden or Trump for president. 

Regardless, on CNN, the first presidential debate was held on the 27th of June. Never before has a presidential debate aired so early in the cycle. Democrats are rightfully feeling quite worried following Biden’s performance on the stage. While the former president Donald Trump definitely left much to be desired for Republican leaning voters, President Biden routinely stammered and started through his responses, appearing incoherent, disjointed and often confused. Trump used the opportunity to attack Biden and criticize his record. While Trump continued his habit of egotistical narcissism in his discourse, the former president was somewhat restrained in his usual bombastic rhetoric and clearly was the more competent alternative on the debate stage.

Many voters will probably take notice of this, with millions of people having tuned in to the performance. A recent article by Newsmax, a leading conservative media outlet, alleged that many voters believe that Donald Trump is a more presidential choice than Biden. The report, by Gallup, claimed that about 46% of respondents said that Trump had presidential qualities. Only 38% said Biden had leadership capability, down from 49% in 2019. Ultimately, time will tell how 2024 unfolds