MTG Working To Impeach Mayorkas

The Republican-led House on Monday voted to put off Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resolution to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, temporarily lifting the threat against the Homeland Secretary that has been in the works since the GOP took over the House in January, the Associated Press reported.

Rep. Greene forced a floor vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment using a House rule that allows a single member to call for a full House a vote on resolutions, including impeachment resolutions.

The move failed in a vote of 209 to 201, with eight Republicans joining the Democrats to send Greene’s resolution to committee like every other bill.

Impeaching a Cabinet official over policy decisions would have been unprecedented. However, in a floor speech on Monday, Rep. Greene argued that Secretary Mayorkas’ “pattern of conduct” has been “incompatible with the laws of the United States.”

Green cited the unprecedented influx of illegal aliens crossing the border, as well as the flow of illegal drugs and the secretary’s “open border policies” as reasons for his impeachment.

In her resolution, Greene accused Mayorkas of failing to uphold his oath of office to “defend and secure our country and uphold the Constitution.”

After Monday’s floor vote failed, Greene said she might try to push for another full House vote on impeaching Mayorkas, arguing that the Republicans who voted against her resolution would likely face pressure from their constituents to support an impeachment resolution.

She accused some Republican lawmakers of being “tone deaf” to the demands of their constituents and the American people.

Some Republican lawmakers have been pressing heavily for Mayorkas’ impeachment in the face of the unprecedented surge of illegal migrants crossing the border since President Biden took office.

Majority Whip Tom Emmer, the GOP’s #3 in the House, and Texas Republican Rep Tony Gonzales, whose district borders Mexico, both voiced their support for Greene’s impeachment resolution.