Military Issues Revision On How Two SEALS Were Lost At Sea

Pentagon officials last week released revised information on the operation in the Arabian Sea that led to the death of two Navy SEALS off the coast of Somalia on January 11 during a raid on an unflagged ship transporting Iranian weapons to Yemen, the Associated Press reported.

Officials said on January 31 that after interviews with Navy personnel involved in the operation and based on further review, it was determined that Navy SEAL Christopher J. Chambers was the one attempting to board the vessel on January 11 when he slipped into a gap created by high waves between the SEAL’s craft and the unflagged ship.

As Chambers fell into the gap, it was fellow SEAL Nathan Gage Ingram who jumped into the water to save him.

Immediately after the incident, Pentagon officials indicated that Ingram was who had fallen into the gap and Chambers who jumped in to rescue him.

According to Pentagon officials who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press, the revised findings were based on subsequent information that had been gathered during a review of the incident.

Both Christopher Chambers and Nathan Ingram were lost at sea after the efforts to recover and rescue them were unsuccessful.

Naval Special Warfare Command said in a statement that the investigation into the incident was ongoing and more information would be gathered.

An investigation by the Navy’s 5th Fleet is expected to determine whether the SEALs were properly trained and equipped for the mission and if the proper procedures were followed. The investigation will also review the decisions on the timing or approval of the raid, including whether the condition of the water and the weather were considered.

Navy Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Christopher Chambers was 37. He enlisted in the Navy in 2012 and completed SEAL training in 2014.

Navy Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Nathan Ingraham enlisted in the Navy in 2019 and completed SEAL training in 2021. He was 27 years old.