Mike Tyson Hit With Lawsuit After Assaulting Man On Planet

In a recent development, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson may be compelled to pay £350,000 in damages to a man he allegedly assaulted on a plane last year. This incident occurred when Tyson, departing from San Francisco, reportedly punched Melvin Townsend after he had annoyed the former boxer by asking for a photo.

Townsend’s legal representatives have demanded a substantial payout, citing extensive medical expenses incurred as a result of the assault. According to a letter from his lawyers, Townsend experienced pain in his head and neck, loss of consciousness, concussion, and a contusion on his head. Furthermore, he allegedly suffered from nausea, headaches, depression, memory issues, sleep disturbances, mood disturbances, vertigo, and compromised vision in the aftermath of the violent incident.

Complicating matters is that Townsend did not have medical insurance at the time, which led to significant out-of-pocket costs. He continues to receive treatment for stomach-related issues and has sought assistance from a neurologist, a psychologist, and a back pain specialist.

In response to these demands, Jake Jondle’s lawyer, representing Townsend, has written a letter to Tyson’s representatives. This letter outlines their expectations and threatens legal action if an agreement cannot be reached. It states that they will file a lawsuit if a settlement is not forthcoming.

The letter references widely available video footage of Tyson repeatedly punching Townsend, stating, “There is no need for a lengthy summary of the events at issue.” It asserts that Townsend was excited to see Tyson on the flight and initiated a conversation about the marijuana industry and psychedelic mushrooms. Allegedly, Tyson became annoyed and grabbed Townsend by the shirt collar, repeatedly punching him in the head.

Tyson’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, has firmly rejected the call for a settlement, stating, “There will be no shakedown payment.” Despite Tyson’s admission of wrongdoing and expression of remorse, Spiro is standing firm on his client’s position.

As this legal battle unfolds, the potential financial repercussions for Tyson are significant. It remains to be seen how the parties involved will navigate this situation and whether a resolution can be reached outside of court.