Migrants Boats Reach Hollywood Beach in Attempt to Cross US Border

The state of affairs within the domestic United States has largely deteriorated over the last several years. Indeed, since the presidential election of 2016 in which the former reality TV star, entrepreneur, and real estate mogul from New York City Donald Trump achieved a remarkable and politics-altering upset victory over the favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, American politics have been shaken to their core. Truly, the nature of politics, journalism, and coverage in general have been changed irrevocably, and in many ways these changes have been to the detriment of American everywhere. Indeed, it could be argued that the political climate within the country is at a more polarized and divisive state than it ever has been in recent memory, and perhaps maybe even more than at any other time since the American Civil War occurred over 160 years ago.

As tensions continue to rise, a myriad of problems plague America at every level of governance. In nearly every aspect of politics, in the fiscal, social, cultural, domestic and international senses, America continues to face serious crises. Early in the incumbent President Joe Bidens term which began in January of 2021, rampant inflation rocked the nation. This inflation was caused at least in part by Bidens reckless spending packages that have helped balloon the national debt to over thirty trillion dollars and counting. Additionally, the power of the dollar has declined, credit card debt for consumers has reached record heights, and over 60% of the country is living paycheck to paycheck. Things are not looking good for many Americans, especially for the middle class.

Biden has also allowed a serious crisis to unfold at the countries southern border. Millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the nation since the beginning of his term and arrive daily. Tens of thousands have flooded America’s cities, and many are even attempting to use boats to enter the country- even in Hollywood.