Mexican President Blackmails Biden With Migrants

On Sunday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke with 60 Minutes and warned that the influx of illegal migrants would continue until the US satisfies Latin America’s demands.

Among Obrador’s requests for the United States to address in January was their need to stem the influx of migrants to the border. These included the annual transfer of $20 billion in assistance to Latin American nations and the possibility of amnesty for illegal migrant workers in the United States.

Despite President Biden’s request that Mexico implement measures at the state level to reduce mass migration, the number of crossings temporarily came down in January. However, the number of illegal migrants started to climb again in February, and the Border Patrol is preparing for a further increase in the spring.

Obrador was questioned by Sharyn Alfonsi, a correspondent for 60 Minutes. She asked if he could halt migration and if he intended to do it.

He said that he would, but the main point is that the underlying problems need to be addressed and thoroughly examined.

Obrador claimed he asked the United States to terminate the embargo on Cuba, provide $20 billion annually to Latin American nations, de-sanctify Venezuela, and legalize the millions of Mexicans already residing in the United States.

She asked him what would happen if the US didn’t follow his instructions.

Obrador said that the influx of illegal migrants would go on.

Alfonsi asked if the Mexican president’s actions and requests were diplomatic blackmail. Obrador said he was just being honest. Things need to be spoken bluntly, and he’s never afraid to express his true feelings.

Alfonsi asked if he would still lend a hand in border security if they don’t take such measures.

Obrador claimed he would since America’s friendship is paramount.

Alfonsi said earlier in the show that while the economy, the border, and illegal immigration will all play major roles in the 2024 race,  Obrador may swing the vote one way or the other.