Man Drives 38 Miles With Body After Hitting & Killing Pedestrian

Nearly forty miles from the site of an accident, on Saturday night, Nestor Joel Lujan Flores was found unconscious in the parking lot of a restaurant. Inside his vehicle, authorities found the body of a person. Flores was subsequently arrested. It is believed that the victim was standing at the crossroads of I-30 and Cockrell Hill Road when the accident happened. According to the authorities, a pedestrian was thrown through a windshield when a motorist in Texas collided with them. According to officials, the motorist proceeded for 38 miles while carrying the victim’s corpse until coming to a halt in a fast food parking lot.

Upon arrival, the responding officer discovered a gray Kia Forte in a Jack in the Box parking lot with front end and windshield damage. The police detained 31-year-old driver Nestor Joel Lujan Flores after seeing what seemed like a lifeless body in the front passenger seat. The victim in Flores’s car was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency personnel.

Police arrested Flores as he maintained that he thought he had hit an animal in Dallas. He continued driving until he arrived at the parking lot. According to the police, Flores never reported the event, even though he said he thought he hit an animal. Though no reports of hit-and-runs or pedestrian accidents had been received, an alert was sent to all of the Dallas/Fort Worth area police departments to see if any had.

A collision was reported on the westbound service road on Highway 30 at Cockrell Road early Sunday morning by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, which was sent to the White Settlement Police Department. Human remains were found beside the highway, which may match the victim’s corpse, according to the sheriff’s office, which informed the department.

The victim’s body was removed from Flores’s car for identification and analysis.

The medical examiners’ offices in Tarrant and Dallas counties will collaborate to determine the victim’s identity.

Blood taken from Flores will determine if he was intoxicated.