Man Arrives At Capitol Building Shirtless, Armed, And With a Dog

On Wednesday, law enforcement in Wisconsin arrested a man accused of taking a firearm into the state Capitol and demanding to see Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers. Later, he reportedly returned to the building in the early hours of Thursday morning while carrying an assault rifle, according to several sources.

On Wednesday, the individual came to the state Capitol at approximately 2:00 p.m. Tatyana Warrick, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Administration, issued a statement in which she described the man as being shirtless, allegedly in possession of a pistol, and holding a dog that was restrained by a leash.

According to CNN, he went up to the security counter and insisted on staying until he could speak with the governor.

Evers assured reporters that he was fine after the event unfolded, and he said it’s something you don’t want to see happen. But, he noted, this is why the police departments, the Capitol police, and the state patrol all have good people working for them. Evers said they do great work.

The shirtless man was detained for carrying a firearm into the state capitol by Capitol Police, and he was transported to the Dane County jail without incident.

According to CNN, the law enforcement officials took his handgun away as evidence and turned his dog over to the city’s Animal Control department.

He posted bail immediately afterward and returned to the Capitol later that night, still wanting to see the Governor, and this time, according to CNN’s reporting, he was equipped with an AK-47.

After searching him, the officers found a collapsible police baton in his carrying rucksack.

According to CNN, the police have taken him into custody to obtain a psychiatric evaluation following “a troubling statement that he made.”

A spokesperson for the Governor’s office, Britt Cudaback, declined to comment on the matter, citing a policy involving the Governor’s safety as the reason.

The identity of the shirtless man was not released.