Mainstream Media Turns On Biden In Epic Betrayal

Even though the White House is entirely concerned with the age issue written about President Joe Biden in the New York Times, the newspaper of record publisher maintained its stand.

According to Sulzberger in a statement made on Monday, the Times will keep reporting on Trump and Biden objectively and comprehensively.

Sulzberger told reporters that the White House was unhappy, but the news site gave both stories a lot of coverage.

Some in the media have criticized the coverage of the 81-year-old that focuses on his age and low popularity ratings, seemingly in denial that the coverage is simply stating facts.

The special counsel, Robert Hur, made matters worse during his review by characterizing Biden as a feeble old man with a weak memory.

The Biden camp voiced their displeasure with the “too old” characterization, saying that there was too much commentary and coverage on Biden’s age and hoped that Sulzberger would tell his opinion editor and senior news editor to tone it down.

According to Sulzberger, the coverage is objective.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, recently voiced his belief that the corporate media are criticizing President Joe Biden because of the increasing likelihood that he may lose a rematch with Trump in November, and they want Joe out.

In the most current episode of Cruz’s podcast “Verdict” with co-host Ben Ferguson, they spoke about Biden’s dwindling support and the impending deadline to unseat him as the Democratic candidate.

The media covering the investigation and the Biden campaign faced consequences due to the special counsel’s findings that doubted the president’s capacity to continue in office.

White House lawyer Ian Sams said the press corps had cherry-picked some report conclusions to save Hur from Republican political fallout because he failed to find any wrong-doing by Biden and his handling of classified documents.