MAGA Purges RNC, Trump Insiders Installed At Helm

According to several analysts, the MAGA movement now has substantial influence on the Republican Party, with the election of Lara Trump and Michael Whatley to the Republican National Committee on Friday. Watley is a longtime Trump supporter.

Following Ronna McDaniel’s resignation in the wake of a slew of financing scandals, the leadership changed. McDaniel had received Trump’s support for the position of RNC chair in 2017. The Republican Party’s string of electoral defeats since 2020 was another reason for her detractors’ attacks.

Around 60 RNC employees in the political, communications, and analytics divisions have been asked to quit since then, citing two anonymous sources close to the Trump campaign and the RNC.

In a statement addressed to some members of the RNC’s political and data teams, the newly appointed COO, Sean Cairncross, reportedly stated that the new leadership was evaluating the organization and staff to ensure the building aligned with its mission.

As of last month’s end, the party’s payroll amounted to only 200 individuals.

Donald Trump Jr. praised the success of MAGA among Republicans in an interview he gave on Saturday. He pointed out that the old Republican Party frankly no longer exists outside of the D.C. beltway, and it takes a little while to make that transition. He said what we are now seeing in the MAGA movement is the new Republican Party.

Charlie Kirk, political analyst and founder of Turning Point, referred to the layoff claims as a “bloodbath” in an X post.

He was excited by the shake-up and said that all of the anti-Trump “sleeper cells” must be eliminated. 

Olivia Troye, a former Trump adviser, now detractor, called on Republicans on Saturday to stop donating to the RNC, accusing it of turning into a “Trump legal defense fund.”

According to Adam Kinzinger, a prominent Trump opponent and former GOP representative from Illinois, the Republican governing body is turning into “Trump’s toilet” due to recent developments.