Liberal Writer Concerned About Biden’s 2024 Odds

Jonathan Chait, a liberal columnist for New York Magazine, recently voiced his alarm over the Democrats’ apparent willingness to support President Biden. Biden is now primarily seen by friend and foe alike as struggling with vitality and cognitive abilities.

According to Chait, given his unfavorable approval numbers, the President is not a reliable option.

Chait says that In 2020, Biden represented a nostalgic throwback to Obama’s beloved administration. Even people worried about the Democrats’ leftward trend were drawn to him. Negative feedback about his work has drowned out any advantages he may have had at the time.

The New York Magazine writer referred to an editorial by Jonathan Martin in Politico in which Martin said that Biden has not done enough to allay voter concerns about his age. A Democratic lawmaker told Martin the party would benefit from a primary challenge because they ignored voter concerns.

Rep. Hillary Scholten (D-MI) warned that disregarding widespread anxiety over the president’s public persona would hurt everyone.

Chait likened one of the main obstacles to a “high-stakes bet.”

Taking on Biden in a primary is a risky proposition. There are grave dangers involved. If the challenger fails, it might hurt Biden’s standing and their winning prospects. Biden may be able to show that he can handle a brutal campaign if his opponent loses. And, he wrote, a successful challenger may save the party from disaster.

The most unsettling portion, according to Chait, was when Martin’s investigation showed that even the most ardent Biden supporters who aren’t working for him and paid by him will, at some point, start to worry about whether or not they’ll look back on this time and realize that voters thought he was too old for a second term and he went ahead anyway, as Martin put it.

Chait stated that insecurity and egotism were why Democrats were reluctant to back a primary challenger.