Kim Jong Un Issues Chilling New Year’s Vow

Over the last 3 years, the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden has presided over a period of economic, political, cultural, and diplomatic chaos at large in the domestic and international spheres for America. Biden has truly governed in a weak and disoriented fashion, and at times has not even been able to take tough questions (or any at all) from reporters and media officials when making public appearances. It is truly worrisome to see that in general, most major media outlets and their affiliates have not questioned Biden much, and have often at times attempted to “sweep under the rug” or ignore the president’s obvious cognitive decline. In comparison to the way the former president Donald Trump was treated during his term of service, the difference is stark and shocking. In truth, the state of America’s media is poor, and increasing biases and corruption within these organizations are becoming more and more apparent for all to witness.

Biden has governed in a disastrous fashion, and ordinary Americans everywhere are experiencing the consequences of weak leadership. At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants have entered the country in three years, and tens of thousands continue to enter the nation on a daily basis. Thousands continue to arrive in major cities at the expense of taxpayers. At the same time, record inflation has gripped the nation, and home ownership has become nearly impossible for median income families (basic necessities and groceries have also skyrocketed in price). The president and the federal bureaucracy at large appear to be working against the interests of ordinary citizens.

Internationally, two foreign wars rage on in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and Gaza (the Middle East). As the world appears to teeter on the brink of world war three, another nation in the Pacific appears to be acting aggressively once again. On New Years, Kim Jong Un made a statement promising more aggression against America.