Judge Schedules Hearing For Fanni Willis After Multiple Allegations

According to reports, a hearing to investigate bombshell claims against District Attorney Fani Willis, whom George Soros has funded, has been scheduled for mid-February by Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court.

Willis is accused of having an alleged “scandalous” affair with Nathan Wade, the prosecutor whom she recruited to head Trump’s inquiry, and of making an “improper” use of money. The court has accepted the need to deliberate on these charges.

Fani Willis was the lead defendant in a racketeering case, and a former Trump campaign official named Michael Roman sought to accuse her and Wade of wrongdoing.

A report shows Roman is facing accusations of a variety of crimes, including presenting fraudulent paperwork, impersonating a public official, forgery, making false claims, and allegedly violating the Georgia RICO Act in the first degree.

Reportedly, Roman argued that the defendants should have their charges reduced and that Willis must be removed from the case because of her undisclosed affair with a married special prosecutor. The Georgia grand jury charge against Trump was assisted by special prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom Willis appointed.

According to Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, who is leading the move, the allegation that Willis and Wade had an improper, clandestine personal connection might undermine the prosecution’s case against Trump and others.

According to the petition, Wade allegedly used money from Fulton County to pay for his and Willis’ extravagant trips. Funds intended to reduce the COVID bottleneck were allegedly misused, according to Roman’s charges.

If the prosecution does not reply to these allegations by the middle of February, as Judge McAfee has indicated, a hearing will be set up to consider this motion.

President Trump’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, has shown interest in considering Roman’s motion for adoption.

A report shows a subpoena was delivered at her office to compel Fani Willis to testify in the Nathan Wade and Joycelyn Wade divorce case.

Interactions between the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office (FCDAO) and their politically driven investigations were thoroughly examined in a letter addressed to Nathan Wade last week by the House Judiciary Committee, headed by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH). Concerns over possible waste of public monies are also voiced in this letter.