Joe Biden Taunted After Latest Gaffe at West Point Cadets Speech

President Joe Biden has been known for his viral gaffes which have spanned throughout the entirety of his presidency. From the current chief of the Oval Office stumbling up the stairs of Air Force One, to him falling off his bike in front of reporters in his home state of Deleware, President Biden has seemingly never caught a physical or mental break. His latest gaffe however comes from his recent speech to the prestigious graduates of West Point, New York this past Saturday.

While giving a speech to the 2024 graduating class of the honorable West Point Academy, Biden spoke on current world issues such as the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war, where Biden described the multiple dangerous missions U.S. service members had been taking to assist Ukraine. Biden then spoke on Russian President Vladamir Putin, who Biden stated that he had known for many years, and stated that the U.S. would not walk away from the victims of the war. While speaking to the military graduates about Putin’s 2022 Ukraine invasion, the president seemed to derail from his topics. 

During this moment of Biden’s speech, his main focus point was on how the president met with Putin before his 2020 election win. Biden then went on to speak about when Putin invaded the former USSR nation, which Biden described as “the fall”. President Biden attempted to continue his remembrance of when the Ukraine invasion occurred but kept stumbling upon his words before ultimately stopping himself. What is known is that Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, not the fall of that year. 

A multitude of slander came Biden’s way following the speech mishap all across social media platforms. One viewer even asked if Biden was using illegal drugs due to the incompetence of the speech. The official page of the RNC Research even reposted a clip of Biden’s speech claiming he was “confused again”.