Israeli Minister Reveals How Long War Will Last

Just as Israel was preparing to start a four-day ceasefire with terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza starting Friday morning, the country’s defense minister was saying that intense fighting in the region would likely continue for a few months.

On Thursday, Yoav Gallant, the defense minister of Israel, said that he believes intense fighting in the Gaza Strip would go on for at least the next month or two.

Gallant spoke to spoke of the members of the naval commando unit in Israel that the intense fighting that’s currently going on is expected to pick up again after the ceasefire and last into the coming weeks.

While visiting Shayetet 13, an Israeli base on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Gallant said:

“I estimate that in the next month or two at least there will be intense fighting, and after that there will be many operations in which the flotilla will have something to do – until there is no military threat from the Gaza Strip, and we will have freedom of action to do whatever we want at any given moment.”

Israel has been conducting raids and attacks on Hamas in Gaza ever since the terrorist organization attacked Israel by surprise on October 7. The Associated Press has reported that more than 12,000 deaths combined have been reported by the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas.

Gallant’s comments came just a day before a four-day ceasefire was set to begin on Friday morning. Israel came to this agreement with Hamas as part of a hostage release plan, as well as to let in some humanitarian aid. It was possible that the ceasefire could be extended, too, as long as Hamas continues to release more hostages.

In meeting with the Israeli military unit and Navy Commander Major General David Sa’ar Salma, Gallant said they must “destroy the organization facing you.” He said:

“Otherwise, you have no deterrence that will allow life, and you have no deterrence that will allow life in the Middle East. If Jewish blood becomes lawless, then everyone does as he pleases. If he has a price that cannot be beared, we are treated with respect.”

He also added that despite the agreement with Hamas, the ceasefire will only last for a short period of time. He told them:

“What is required of you during this lull is to organize, prepare, conduct debriefings, arm yourself and prepare for the future. There will be a continuation, because we have to complete the victory and create the levers for the next groups of abductees who will come only as a result of pressure.”

Tensions from the conflict in the Middle East have spilled over into the U.S., with groups protesting at various prominent events. For instance, there was a pro-Palestinian protest that happened during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, in which the protesters glued themselves down on the road where the route was going.

Other similar groups have planned to stage protests and boycotts on Black Friday as well.