Israel Gives Cheeky Response To Hamas Supporters

Israeli authorities have reacted to footage of a New York rally in which an LGBTQ flag was flown alongside a Palestinian flag.

Israel’s X account tweeted a picture coupled with a video that explained the united LGBTQ + Palestine flag during a demonstration in New York today. The account said that, for whatever reason, there are a lot of people who are queers FOR Palestine but none who are queers IN Palestine.

Israel told protesters and supporters that they were waiting in anticipation to see Hamas hoist the rainbow flag over Gaza as appreciation.

As the United Nations warned that civil order in the beleaguered Palestinian enclave was beginning to break down, combat continued for a 23rd day on Sunday as Israel blasted Hamas-ruled Gaza in an escalated air and military operation.

Pro-Palestinian protestors flooded the streets of New York City’s most populous borough, Brooklyn, the day before to express their outrage over Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

According to a report, it’s ironic that demonstrators seem to be criticizing Israel for assaults that have involved individuals being killed by Hamas terrorists, filmed, and then posted online where the victims’ loved ones can view them. Linking this movement with equal rights for LGBT people is a complete break with reality.

In the West Bank and Gaza, homosexual and transgender persons endure extreme persecution, which may lead to lengthy jail terms or even death.

One of Hamas’s own leaders, Mahmoud Ishtiwi, was publicly beheaded in 2016 on charges of engaging in adultery with another man.

Ironically, many LGBT Palestinians flee to Israel for safety, which is the target of protests by “Queers for Palestine” in the United States.

In the West Bank, the body of Ahmed Abu Marhia (25) was discovered beheaded on the side of the road last year. He had been killed because he was gay. The murderer live-streamed the killing on social media.
Reports reveal homosexuality is a crime under the Palestinian Authority as well as Hamas.

It has been stated that Hamas terrorists in Gaza have imprisoned, assaulted, and tortured homosexual males.

In many cases, the consequences are even more severe.