Iowa Governor’s Law Protecting Americans From Migrants Criticized by Progressives

Republicans in Iowa have come under fire from business-backed progressives for enacting a popular legislation that shields Americans from the massive influx of migrants proposed by President Joe Biden.

A government-funded advocacy and legal organization for illegal migrants, the Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice, criticized the protection statute signed by Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, calling it a ridiculous stunt.

Migrants working for meatpacking companies prepare food from nearby farms, which profoundly impacts rural Iowa’s economy. While the influx of cheap labor from other countries has boosted agricultural output, it has also driven up rents in certain areas and down salaries in others.

In a statement made on April 10, Reynolds enacted the protection measure, stating that the safety and security of Iowans are in jeopardy because the Biden administration has not enforced our country’s immigration laws. Even if they have violated the law, Biden still won’t deport those who enter our nation illegally. His reluctance to enforce existing immigration rules is reflected in this measure, which grants the authority to Iowa law enforcement to do just that.

Iowa courts and police are authorized by law to order illegal migrants to vacate the state. It does not affect the Biden migrants receiving parole papers and work permits from Biden’s pro-migration border director, which raises legal concerns.

As Biden’s deputies disregard Texas’s interpretation of federal immigration regulations, the fate of the Iowa bill hangs in the balance.

Most people undoubtedly think the Iowa legislation is good. According to, 73% of potential Iowa voters agree that the state should compel all businesses to use the federal computerized E-Verify system to screen potential employees for legal status and believe E-Verify should be mandated. Only 14% are against it, and 10% are unsure.

Rasmussen Reports x NumbersUSA poll surveyed 925 Likely Voters in Iowa between April 5th and 9th, 2023.

The federal government has depended on Extraction Migration to boost the consumer economy since at least 1990. This strategy enticed investors to relocate the high-wage manufacturing industry to nations with lower wages.

Due to Biden’s migration policies, many human resources are taken away from struggling nations. An influx of workers, customers, and renters drives up stock prices, dampening Americans’ wages, driving up rents and real estate prices, and subsidizing low-productivity businesses.