Infants Dying In Gaza As Hamas Refuses Offer Of Aid

As Israel’s assault on terror raged outside, 36 newborn infants were struggling for their lives in a Gaza hospital Wednesday night.

The Al-Shifa Hospital has been encircled by troops who believe Hamas officials are using the hospital’s patients as human shields as they hide in a bunker below.

However, the final operating hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa, has reportedly run out of electricity, and the World Health Organization has confirmed this.

The Israeli military dropped off 300 liters of gasoline at a designated location so that incubators that provide oxygen to infants could continue to function. However, terror leaders prohibited the hospital from utilizing it.

The Israeli Defense Force’s Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said Israel recognizes the intricacy and the seriousness. Israel’s goal is to help and make things easier, but unfortunately, Hamas is interfering.

Hecht said they’re communicating with the hospital as much as possible, but it’s also dangerous for the hospital to speak to Israel.

According to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry, the hospital generally requires 24,000 liters of gasoline per day; thus, the fuel left by the IDF wouldn’t have been enough to power it for more than an hour. The hospital’s operating theater and intensive care unit are now powered entirely by the sun.

Israeli high command has said it will assist with an evacuation, but the infants’ tragic situation will only strengthen calls for a humanitarian halt.

The slaughter of 1,200 Jews by Hamas on October 7 prompted the IDF’s response. The militant group Hezbollah, situated in northern Israel along the border with Lebanon and supported by Iran, increased its attacks in response to the outcry.

Anonymous Israeli government officials ar saying that the likelihood of a full-scale conflict with Lebanon has grown in recent days.

Seven troops were hurt in an incident involving mortar fire in the Manara region.

Israel replied with a series of airstrikes targeting Hezbollah military installations.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant of Israel issued a warning amid rising tensions, saying, “What we can do in Gaza, we can certainly do in Beirut.”